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Reconditioned Yamaha U1 Acoustic Piano

Reconditioned Yamaha U1 Acoustic Piano

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Immaculate Reconditioned YAMAHA U1 PIANO

This beautiful preowned Yamaha U1 has been factory reconditioned to the highest standard.

  • Fitted with new bridle tapes.
  • As needed springs & dampers replaced.
  • As needed Hammers replaced.
  • As needed new keytops & fronts replaced.
  • New key brushing cloth to front and balance rail replaced.
  • Celeste felt replaced.
  • Inside and outside parts, strings, pins, pedals, hinges cleaned.
  • Cabinet repolyestered (not paint sprayed).
  • This piano is in 'as new' condition, supplied with 5 years parts/labour. 
  • Available now at our Romford showroom
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