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NUX DM-8 Digital Drum Kit

NUX DM-8 Digital Drum Kit

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DM-8 is the flagship digital drum kit from NU-X, designed without compromise to provide the most responsive and accurate real-kit experience for the most demanding of drummers. Each pad is fitted with industry standard Remo® mesh heads. A 14" snare with a 3-point trigger and separate rim sensor is supplied with a fully adjustable dual-braced tripod stand. Three further pads serve as high, mid and floor toms, again with separate sensors for rim shots. DM-8 also has a unique 10" mesh head bass drum pad with pedal and angled front brace for authentic kick resistance with maximum stability. Cymbals start with the 12" hi-hat mounted to an articulated pedal stand with motion sensor for a genuine "stick feel" and true response to open, closed or half-closed pressure. A pair of 12" crash cymbals each have bow and edge trigger zones, and the 14" ride cymbal adds a bell trigger zone. All except the snare and hi-hat are mounted to a stable curved rack stand with versatile height and tilt adjustable mounts. Deep editing of sounds, effects and settings on the DM-8 control module is quick and intuitive thanks to the multi-control surface and menu-driven colour TFT display. Additional functions include a rhythm coach and jam-along tracks for practice, playback or recording WAV audio tracks to a USB flash drive or streaming audio via Bluetooth®. A separate USB type B connection to PC or Mac computer enables direct digital recording and MIDI integration with a DAW software environment. MIDI out connection enables triggering and/or control of external MIDI sound modules. Connection for an auxiliary input is joined by stereo or mono output directly to a PA or backline amp and headphones output for monitoring. DM-8 offers a near acoustic kit experience with professional features and additional functions that make this the only kit you may ever need.

  • Remo heads - tested to over 1 million strokes
  • Multi-zone triggering for drum pads and cymbals
  • 300 tone custom sound set
  • Internal jam-along tracks
  • Custom WAV tones loadable from USB flash drive
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