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NUX DM-7X Digital Drum Kit

NUX DM-7X Digital Drum Kit

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DM-7X is a digital drum kit for the player that needs high-end features without compromising performance. Individual drum pads comprise three 8" toms and a 10" snare, each loaded with an industry standard Remo® mesh head. In addition to being velocity sensitive, each snare and tom has dual triggers for head and rim, offering a wide scope of possible voicings for each strike. Cymbals are supplied as a 12" hi-hat, two 12" crashes and a 14" ride. All drum pads and cymbals are supported by the curved, adjustable rack stand with lockable clamps and quick-release collars for crash cymbal booms. A heavy-duty kick pedal with integrated pad covers bass drum duties, and a free-standing, rugged hi-hat pedal completes the list of trigger components. Both pedals have extended floor supports for maximum stability. All triggers connect back to the main digital sound module, which provides 30 pre-set kits and slots for 18 customisable user kits. The velocity profile for each drum or cymbal is adjustable within the sound module to achieve the most accurate playing feel. Each component can be edited by hitting the respective trigger and then adjusting parameters on the DM-7X sound module, with special effects to hand via the onboard rotary controls. Additional playing features include a selection of backing tracks, self-record function and drum coach for solo practice. Furthermore, the sound module can connect to a PC or Mac via USB for triggering sounds within a digital recording suite and for firmware updates. Stereo output to a PA is via L+R 6.3mm jack with a headphone output on stereo 3.5mm jack for silent practice, and an additional 5-pin DIN MIDI out is also provided for triggering external sound modules. The DM-7X offers the feel of an acoustic kit with the functionality of a digital instrument for any level of drummer.

  • Remo heads - tested to over 1 million strokes
  • Multi-zone triggering for drum pads and cymbals
  • Adjustable curved rack frame
  • 30 preset and 18 user kits
  • Adjustable overdrive, compressor and reverb effects
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