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Marshall RF-1 Reflector Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal

Marshall RF-1 Reflector Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal

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Marshall's Reflector Pedal offers six different digital reverb effects! In addition to the simple “reverb” mode, the Reflector also delivers the sophisticated reverb sounds in the “Plate”, “Room”, “Spring 1”, Spring 2 ”and“ Reverse ”modes. Thus, in addition to a rich digital reverb, the user can also generate more vintage-oriented spring reverb sounds or even the completely "wacky" reverb effects played backwards. As with the “Echohead” delay pedal, you can choose between “True Bypass” and “Spill Over” switching, and here, too, the maximum delay time for the effect is two seconds - this can also be regulated with an external expression pedal if required.

    6 sound modes: Hall, Spring 1, Spring 2, Room, Plate, Reverse
    True bypass circuit
    Spill over exit
    Stable metal housing
    Potis with metal axes
    9V block battery & power supply connection
    Expression pedal connection
    Reverse polarity protection
    Compatible with common pedalboards (e.g. "Boss")
    Current consumption 70mA - power pack operation recommended
    Dimensions: 65 x 120 x 55mm
    Weight only 0.51kg


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