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CVP-709 Elite Upgrade - USB STICK

CVP-709 Elite Upgrade - USB STICK

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Musicland has created an exciting new software upgrade to the CVP-709 creating over 600 brand new registrations complete with accompaniment.


  • ANDRE BALLADS (Beautiful New Solo HD Violin with Orchestral Strings)

  • ANDRE RIEU (Popular Andre Rieu full string orchestra)

  • BERTS PLACE (All New famous Bert Kempfert Selection) 

  • DAVID'S DIXIE (David Harrild's Popular Dixieland Jazz Band)

  • JAMES LAST (Popular Orchestra with Fast Latin & Soft Ballad Styles)

  • KLAUSLAND (Euro Organs with Ballad & Latin Styles)

  • ORGAN AGOGO (Popular Organ & Sax from James Last with Jazz & Latin)

  • PAN ECHO'S (Superb Pan Pipes & Orchestra with Latin & Ballad Styles)

  • PIANO SUPREME (Superior Piano left hand at all times with Piano & Sax)

  • TED HEATH (Ted Heath Big Band sounds with Fast & Slow Styles)

 And that's just the beginning - there are hundreds more to choose from!!


Disclaimer: Due to the nature of software being a copy-able product, refunds and returns will not be accepted unless the software is faulty; in which case the software will be exchanged.

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