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Blaxx Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Blaxx Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

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BLAXX Overdrive pedal for electric guitar

When it comes to buying your first effects, or even building your first pedalboard, one of the first pedals you will consider getting is an overdrive. This is effect is perfect for making your guitar's tone even more gritty, and give your signal a boost for when you want to be heard above the rest of the band during a solo or heavy riff!

Simple to Use, Affordable, and a Rugged Construction

This Overdrive pedal from Stagg's BLAXX pedal range is the perfect starting point for guitarists who are new to the effect, or more experienced guitarists looking to add an affordable extra overdrive option to their pedal lineup.

This rugged little pedal is small and lightweight, making it suitable for fitting into even the smallest of spaces, and features easy-to-use Gain, Level and Tone controls for you to get that perfect sound. And best of all? This pedal will cost you significantly less than most other Overdrive pedals on the market, making it perfect for complete beginners or musicians on a budget.


  • Die-cast metal housing


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